Online Poker Strategies Review

If you have ever played online poker, the name “Danish Dragon” might ring a bell. A couple of buddies of mine and me take turns playing during our Sunday sports day. We came across this guy who was taking out people left and right in this one huge online tournament, then found out it was none other than Kim Birch. A living legend in his own right, but more importantly a successful poker player  Poker88.

He has made a substantial amount of coin online over the years (I believe he started in, but never before have any of us come across his ebooks. So when Kim threw a plug in the texting area of the room about his Online Poker Strategies eBook, we went over and snatched up his informational product. Granted, these were all based on online poker strategies and not necessarily the regular casino. However, Mr. Birch does talk about both instances in one way or another during his course.

Anyways, after we read all the information available, it was time to hit the online tables and see how successful we would become. Obviously, we purchased this because we didn’t fare so well most of the time. Well, let’s just say we lost more than we won. So when my friend Jason played his first 9 player SNG, a 2nd place finish was a great accomplishment. Scott’s first go round landed him in third, and I took a third as well.

One thing to understand is that we were the type of players who would throw into an account and just play the little andtables. After ten or so games, all the money was gone and we enjoyed our little night of gambling. This is why it is such great news to report a win to anyone who is listening. We used to bring amateur to a whole new level, but after reading the Online Poker Strategies, you can put us in the plus column.

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