Should I Get an Online MBA?

Ever greater numbers of students and professionals alike are finding obtaining a Masters in Business Administration essential to reach the professional goals they seek. While there are numerous types of MBA Programs to choose from the predominant decision is between several types.

Traditionally, the full time, two year Masters Program, the part time and the newer accelerated programs have been given in person at institutions of higher learning. More recently Online MBA Degrees have been offered raising several questions about both their quality in the learning experience as well as what they gain the degree holder in the workplace MBA . Quite simply, is it worth getting an MBA online? The answer as with many things is…it depends.

While the top ten MBA Programs at Ivy League and select institutions remain the ‘gold standard’ that top Fortune 500 firms recruit from and expect to see on resumes for their executives, for many these institutions are not a realistic option. While there are numerous second and third tier school programs available, more recently the Online MBA has become a legitimate option to pursue the Masters Degree.

These internet distance learning degrees provide much of the same curriculum and case study material one would find in a full or part time traditional program but enable the student to work at home and often proceed at their own pace. Homework and assignments are often emailed in and tests are taken with computerized tests.

But there are trade-offs. First, Online MBA’s don’t enable the student to take part in valuable real world networking opportunities nor take part in group and one on one interaction with other students. The skills learned during these types of engagements can be extremely valuable, especially to younger students who are just entering the workplace and don’t have much real world work experience. In addition, much of the value obtained from a traditional MBA program is in the intangible things you learn by from your fellow students.

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