How to write a profile essay that is successful

Writing a powerful and compelling profile essay takes effort. Your essay must be planned. It is important to also gather all the information you need. Here are some steps you can take to prepare before you start writing.
Read Professional Profile Essays

There are many professional magazines that publish profile essays. Check out celebrity profiles such as those in the Washington Post, New Yorker and Esquire. You should pay attention to:

This writer shares some fascinating details
Style and tonalities
Unique introduction techniques
How the conclusion works
Paragraph style

Try to read as many as possible. These are the greatest of the best. They will inspire you to improve your paper.
Choose a Subject

Think of an individual, place, event, or other topic when choosing a subject. People are naturally more interested in famous places or people. You can write about an unknown person, place or event depending on your style.

Your level and enthusiasm will decide the quality of your profile. If you are passionate about your subject, that will show in your writing. It can even make research more fun.
Find valid information

The best way to gain firsthand information is to ask for it. Interviewing an event coordinator, a curator/caregiver or any other person would be helpful. Be sure to ask the interviewees questions they are able to answer. Avoid yes and no questions. They are not designed to get in-depth answers.

This is not an option if you have a famous place or person. If you are looking for detailed information about a person, place, or event, then it is important to use online interviews, books memoirs, memoirs, and websites. This information will allow you to write a captivating and enjoyable profile essay.
Create an Outline

A summary is not required for an essay unless it’s requested by your teacher. However, it will organize your thoughts. You don’t need an outline to follow a certain format. But, you can use the keyword and sentence outline formats as a guide. Simply choose the best format for you, and you can start outlining.

Writing a Profile essay

Now you can start to write your essay. The introduction, body, as well as the conclusion should be included just like every other essay. Let’s review each component individually to make sure your essay succeeds.
Make an Introduction

An introduction should grab a reader’s attention. You can use a hook to engage your reader. Ask interesting questions or draw their attention to an unexplored detail. This is an example:

Did you know Calamity Jane was a more than a tall story?

If possible, include a unique quote from your subject. To make it clear what the essay will cover, add your thesis statement at the end of the introduction.
Create a body

Now, you can begin to write your body. This is what you should be writing about. It’s vital to:

Also include sensory details such sound, sight, or touch. If you’re describing someone, mention their name and details such as age, looks, height, etc. If you’re describing an event, include details about the weather conditions and attitudes.
You can also add interview questions for more information that readers will be curious about.
Connect each paragraph with the thesis statement.
Be thorough with your profile. This will make your reader feel like they’re there with and for you.

Reach an Impactful Conclusion

You can summarize the information from the profile essay in the conclusion. Your conclusion should contain your thesis. Some writers choose to include an ending hook in order to keep their readers thinking.

Pay Attention To Tone & Style

Don’t be too academic when creating a profile essay. When interviewing, for example, you should write in the first-person. Be professional in your information, but be creative with the writing to make it engaging and fun. You might ask, “What is something that Calamity Jane doesn’t know?”

Don’t neglect the small things. You will make your writing standout by including these important but small details.
A Successful Profile Essay

Profile essays can be a lot of fun. You can make your writing stand out by choosing a topic that interests you. You are interested in learning about different essay styles? Take a look at expository and descriptive essay examples. There are many tips to help you write an exceptional essay.

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