Project Management Success – Tips for When You Need to Keep It Simple

I was recently asked to ‘manage’ such a project and needed to have a long hard look at what sort of value I could add to the project within the allocated budget PMP certification . This is where project management needs to be kept simple and here are a few tips that may help you in keeping it simple:

Set customer expectations around the project management service you can offer within the designated budget. It is essential that the stakeholders understand that they will not be receiving the same full service that you would usually offer.

Projects with less management are at greater risk of issues and potential failure, so the customer must understand and accept that risk. Somehow stakeholders can often still believe that you will be doing all of the ‘normal’ things that a project manager should do – but faster and cheaper! It helps to paint the picture up front.

Establish exactly what you can and cannot deliver with the designated time available to spend on the project, this includes the time you can spend in meetings or managing resources and issues. Discuss the expectations around project documentation and reporting requirements.

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