What To Look For When Buying A Vivo v21E

The advanced user interface features a complete Material Design user experience with an integrated barcode scanner. It also features a large, easy to access calculator, calendar, address book, contact manager and much more Vivo V21e . In addition, it offers a complete S Pen support and is equipped with a handwriting recognition technology that is supposed to allow the pen user to not only write directly on the screen but also draw, edit and highlight without any difficulty. Vivo V21E is powered by a quad-core MSMM CPU and a Mali-Tango sensor for high definition video and image viewing.

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Memory The memory on the vivo v 21E is of the highest quality and it can handle theintensive task of multitasking without slowing down. It has two slots for additional storage such as a Western Digital Blue drive or a SATA disk. It has a slot for micro SD that can support card readers and other data storage requirements. There is also a slot for Secure Digital card that can support micro SD and memory cards that need large space.

Battery The battery on the vivo v 21E is of the largest capacity available and it lasts for long hours. The battery life is also noteworthy in that it can last up to ten hours before charging again. This is a significant improvement over other smartphone brands that often have trouble lasting through a day. The phone has a lithium ion battery that is capable of lasting over one week. Users can get forty hours of entertainment with this handset.

Storage The software of the vivo v 21E comes with a generous amount of storage. The phone has a slot for micro SD which can support up to two hundred and sixty cards. There is also an internal memory which can support two hundred and forty songs, sixty images and sixteen videos. There is also an additional slot for a USB mini-card and it can support up to a thousand songs, two hundred and twenty images and eight videos.

Display The screen has a resolution of 5.5 inches and it has a color display which makes it suitable for everyone including business users. The vivo v 21E has a full QWERTY keyboard which makes it easy to operate. There is a Zen-like Gesture UI which offers a window which displays all the functions such as the clock, contacts, weather, calculator and so much more. There is a double exposure feature on the front camera which allows the user to take photos in night mode with a built-in low-light setting. Users will also be able to enjoy the inbuilt image processing which includes image recognition technology and manual mode.

Video The rear camera of the vivo v 21E is one of the best on the market today. Users will find that it is capable of recording videos up to two hours in length. The video recording is easy to launch in either normal or landscape modes and there is also a slow motion mode which can record a video at up to one hundred thirty frames per second. The front camera has an auto focus and a wide LCD screen which makes it suitable for taking selfies.

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