How to Blog Your Way To Success

Blogging has changed the way fortunes are made on the Internet by leveling the playing field between newcomers and established Internet marketers. You no longer have to spend months learning difficult procedures or trying to set up a traditional website sales page that might take forever to get to work like you want it to.

In the recent past, blogging was the domain of those who wanted to chat about some happening or pastime or simply to share their daily life with the world . Business owners didn’t even think about a blog as the powerful tool it is today for attracting customers and staying in contact with them.

Today’s business owners have realized that their business gets a large increase in sales and promotion when they build a blog and put it online. The customers or clients can connect directly to lists of company products, new technical reports, emerging business trends and be the first to get the news of price changes.

For your own blog, you do not have to spend a lot of money. You can use a free blog, but will have to put up with ads that have no relation to your products. WordPress themes for blogs can be freely downloaded all over the Internet. You will, however have to buy a domain name ($10 or less) and purchase hosting for your blog. Additional upfront costs include header design and ghostwriting, if you need your blog content written for you.

While blogs might be thought of as only social applications, they really are business boosters when you, as a business owner, find blogs related to your business or products and you visit those other blogs and leave comments on them. Find several blogs that have something in common with your business. When you leave a post, always put a link to your blog in your signature. Other commenters or just blog readers will often click on the link to your site to see what you are doing.

Don’t discount that technique without considering the viral effects of leaving a link with your signature. Some blogs have hundreds or even thousands of followers or registered members. If you post good information or freely give good advice to someone who needs help or an explanation, your business will blossom with the new traffic sent your way. Another lucrative method to get traffic and to build your list is to offer something free for visitors who followed your link back to your site.

Your blog needs traffic to sell products or services. It is exactly the same as an offline business without customers coming in the door. The simple truth is: No Traffic = No Business.

The best promotion you can have is an unsolicited testimonial from a happy customer who bought your products and posted about his satisfaction with your products. If your freebie that attracted visitors from your link in your signature was really useful, many will return to the blog and talk about it.

That’s how powerful viral marketing gets started. One posts about it on the original blog, or a few other blogs, and more go to your site to get the freebie. They will also post about it on other blogs.

When you give a freebie to visitors, they have to register (provide their email address) to get it. When they confirm their request for the freebie, you get to market to them until they unsubscribe. That is the simple process for “building a list.”

When you build relationships with other bloggers, they will be willing to work with you and possibly exchange advertising or join with you to swap ad space on each other’s blog. Even the newest business owner, online or offline, knows the value of building relationships with both their customers and other business owners in their town or on the Internet.

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