Top 5 Best Comps in TFT

So, what is the best TFT comps around at the moment? Well there are hundreds of TFT guides spread around the internet, but only a few of them are the very best. Why is that? There are a few simple reasons and I will explain them below. So here they are.

TFT: The 5 best champion comps for patch 11.6

Firstly, the best comps are updated every week or two with new information. If you’ve been playing for a while you will notice that the information available to you changes every week or two, it’s true. This is because the game is changing and what worked previously TFT Best Comps , may not work anymore. So what do you do when it comes to making the most of your skills? You constantly update your comps, because you never know what’s going to happen in the next hour or two!

Secondly, you need a comp that has a strategy that is well thought out. Every comp uses the same core units and there is no sense reinventing the wheel, is there? I think that many new players panic when they see the huge range of strategies that each guide offers, because they think that their TFT experience won’t be useful if they have some secret tactic that they can use in every scenario. Well wrong! Just look at the strategies listed for Core Units and you’ll see that the majority of them are viable and very good in TFT battles.

Let’s face it, TFT is a battle of attrition and you need to win by making fewer attacks and more ranged damage. The best comps use a s-tier composition with six divine and two bruisers. That should be enough to tide you over until your opponent is defeated!

It is amazing how people expect their TFT guides to tell them what to use in every situation. I for one am never at a loss for advice and TFT Best Comps will help you immensely with this aspect of your TFT career. However, you will still need a secondary composition that deals with healing. A strong combination of bruiser and healer is the main carry in most scenarios and that’s exactly what you should be looking for in a TFT comp. It doesn’t matter what else your team has as long as it has enough strength to survive until the last rounds of combat and can also make the most of what you can do on the battlefield.

You can expect your enemies to be using a large number of defense spells and abilities against you, so you need something that counters them. A lot of guides only list one or two abilities that counter everything but what about the best comps? The answer is that the best comps are the ones that have a variety of counters. A good TFT guide should go into details about these counters and how to play against them, but the real solution comes from experimenting a bit more. Play test a few scenarios and see what works and what doesn’t. Don’t simply pick one as your best comp, as you will have to play around with it to make it work.

I think the best comps in TFT come in the form of a-tier and brawler. A-tier Best Comps are probably the most effective in a PvP setting and a great way to level up quickly. They are also much better at handling large numbers of players at once and can survive long enough to really do some work. A-tier Best Comps should always be a staple in every WoW mage’s collection, as they are extremely effective and have very little downtime.

Brawler Best Comps in TFT is the red buff and blue buff. They both dramatically improve your damage output and give you the edge in PvP over most other casters. Play around with different combinations of red and blue to find the combination that works the best for you and your character. Both of these are ideal for leveling quickly, so don’t use either of them as the entire focus of your collection. They are nice, though, because they can complement just about any other TFT comp you use as well. For those who want to do better in WOW, these are the highest potency comps in TFT.

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