Floor Paint is a Great Way to Improve the Look of a Tired Wooden Floor

Sometimes, a tired old wooden floor can ruin the look of your home and it can be hard to figure out what to do. Replacing wooden flooring can be a very expensive task and isn’t always an option for most people. However, floor paint is a great way to spruce up your home without the costly expenses of replacing the entire floor. There are a lot of options available these days but make sure you do some research.

How to Paint Wood Floors - dummies

Floor paint comes in various different colours these days and it works perfectly on old wooden floors. However, you will need to buy some primer and ensure that you prepare the wood for painting. Most of the time, you’ll just need to sand it down and then use a coat of primer before you apply the colour wooden floor paint.

If you’re using floor paint in a child’s room – make sure that you move everything out of there and ensure that you use non-toxic paint – the same goes if you have pets. Ok, so once you’ve primed and prepared everything you can then use the colour paint but remember that you will have to think about what colour you’re using.

If you use a dark colour on the floor, ensure that you don’t also use a dark colour on the ceiling or all the walls because this can make the room look a lot smaller. Using a dark colour on one wall with a dark floor is no problem but make sure that you use a lighter colour on the remaining walls.

You can use this to your advantage because if you have a small room that you’d like to look bigger then you can use light colours on both the floor and the ceiling. Floor paints are available in a variety of colours and although there aren’t as many options available as there are for walls, there’s still a lot of choice.

Painting your floor may sound odd but it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do these days. If you have a tired wooden floor, it can be the only way to spruce up your home without incurring huge costs. Just remember to take your time and learn a bit about interior design before you start.

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