The Importance Of Edu Backlinks

Edu backlinks (a backlink coming from a domain ending in .edu) are among the most powerful authority backlinks you can obtain for your website for SEO purposes. The backlink system, in part, effectively operates on the basis of trust. So high quality backlinks come from trusted sites and the most trusted sites are generally educational institutions, thus we have Edu backlinks.

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Let’s say that you own a blog and you want to rank high in Google. There is a reasonable amount of competition out there from other blogs but all things are basically equal how to do backlinks seo. Now if you got yourself a good set of Edu backlinks from institutes across the country and your competitors do not, then your blog would hit the top spot. From an Edu backlinks SEO perspective, the easiest way to build your backlinks would be by hiring an Edu backlinks link building service. Certainly the easiest, but not necessarily the cheapest however it can get complicated so sometimes it’s best to go with the professionals if SEO isn’t your area of expertise.

Essentially what these companies will do is find an academic institute that allows you to post in blogs, or comment, or add content and link to your website from the .edu site assuming the site incorporates ‘dofollow’ links. Fresh dofollow quality backlinks are adored by the search engines if they stay up long enough and will improve the quality of your SERP rank as well. Link building services often ignore the importance of Gov and Edu backlinks because they are somewhat more elusive. They opt instead for social bookmarking tools and the lower quality backlinks than come from spamming comment sites. These backlinks don’t remain active for long as admin usually deletes them so you can see your site rise in rank and drop again just as quickly.

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