A Mindset for Achieving Permanent Weight Loss

Many people set the goal to lose weight; but always fall short of the mark.  Anything that requires determination and focus also requires resilience.  Upon embarking on a journey towards a goal, setbacks must be expected.  It does not matter how badly a person stumbles and falls, but how quickly they are willing to get back up and start moving forward again. 

It is easy to get discouraged when on a weight loss journey.  Weight loss for many people means temporary self-deprivation.  Weight loss to those people also means forced action to stop eating the foods they love while eating the foods they hate, and exercising when they’d rather be vegetating on the couch watching their favorite television shows.  Weight loss is a goal that, in their minds, needs to be met as soon as possible.  For this reason, they have engrained in their minds that failure is not an option.  Yet failure is always what they get.

The problem lies in the fact that weight loss is seen as a journey of self-deprivation.  Losing weight is viewed in terms of what it is going to cost a person rather than in terms of the benefits losing weight bestows.  Instead of focusing on better health, having more energy, feeling and looking younger, wearing clothing in smaller sizes, and all the other benefits of losing weight; most people focus on the foods they will be missing out on and the exercise they cannot stand to do.  No wonder over sixty percent of the American population is overweight and obese; nobody has the mindset that is conducive to permanent weight loss!

Developing a Weight Loss Mindset

What will make “this time” different for you?  What will be the definitive factor that will ensure that weight will be lost and that it will be kept off forever?  A positive outlook toward living a healthy lifestyle!  Believe it or not, you have the capability of being a fitness junkie and a health food nut; you just have to believe that it is possible for you.  You also have to stop telling yourself how addicted you are to junk food and how you cannot stand to exercise. Remember: wherever your mind goes, you will follow!

A common exercise I have my weight loss clients do is to write down all of the positive aspects of losing weight.  Every list usually includes feeling better about one’s self, feeling comfortable in form-fitting clothing, having higher amounts of energy, looking and feeling years younger, and improvements in intimate relationships.  After they have written everything down that they could Revitaa pro possibly think of; I have them look over the list at least three times a day to train their minds on focusing on the positive side of weight loss.  This may sound trivial, but it has worked wonders for many people.

If anything sounds impossible for you, it’s only because you have been underestimating yourself and selling yourself short.  A few questions: 

  • Do you prefer healthy food over junk food?
  • Are you an avid lover of fitness?
  • Does the smell of steamed vegetables make your mouth water?
  • Do you eat small portions of food naturally?

The fact that you said no to most or all of the above questions does not negate the truth that you have the ability to change the way you experience living a healthy lifestyle.  I often tell people that it doesn’t matter if they haven’t touched a vegetable in years-even the worst of the worst junk food junkies can develop a genuine desire for eating healthy foods and exercising regularly.  I know-I used to be one of them!

Your mind will believe anything you tell it; and as of late you may have been telling it about how hard losing weight is going to be and how difficult it will be to maintain the weight loss.  You know what your mind really wants to hear?  It wants to hear how enjoyable losing weight is going to be and how easy it will be to maintain weight loss.  It wants to hear how much you love eating vegetables and how you look forward to exercising every day.  It loves to hear how great living a healthy lifestyle makes you look and feel.  Do you and your mind a favor and start telling it what it wants to hear!

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