Get a Flat Belly Faster

Achieving a flat belly is one of the most frustrating exercise objectives and the reason is of course the mental effort needed to reach that objective. It is just too difficult to maintain the mental discipline that will help us to drop the pounds and, more importantly, to keep them off and then to tone our stomach muscles in order to give us tight abs. Yet many thousands of men and women lose belly fat permanently all the time, toughen their abs and are successful in keeping the fat off long term. What is their secret?

Many of us adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising in the hope of controlling belly fat but fail to find success, at least as quickly as we hope. If you are already on a healthy track or are planning on adopting it, one effective Okinawa Flat belly tonic trick is to introduce a few seemingly small changes to your routine in a way that targets belly fat directly. Here are some examples:

Shorter, high-intensity exercise workouts have a much quicker and longer-lasting effect on deep abdominal fat (belly fat) than longer lasting, more moderate exercise. So if you get your exercise by walking, walk faster for short periods of time in bursts. If you jog, jog faster in a similar way. If you are in a hilly area, walk or jog up to the top of a hill quickly and walk or jog back down slowly to recover. Obviously, you can do the same thing on your treadmill by increasing and lowering the incline.

Though this type of aerobic exercise is great for getting rid of belly fat, a total-body weight training program will turbo charge your routine and make your belly fat loss more permanent. Studies have found that an exercise routine that combines cardio with weight training can lose up to four times as much belly fat as a cardio-only routine and the bonus is that you put muscle in place of the fat on your belly. It helps if you also consume a high-protein diet with the weight training.

While weight training as above, it will help you greatly if you are able to introduce another dimension into your routine-that of balance. While doing squats or dead lifts, try standing or one leg to narrow your base of support. This forces your body to engage all possible core muscles to prevent you from falling and to maintain your balance.

Finally, if you have done all the right things to exercise, you must get enough sleep-seven to eight hours-because lack of sleep increases your stress level which in turn causes an increase in deep abdominal fat. There is a demonstrable link between weight gain, increased stress and lack of sleep.

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