House For Sale? Here Are 4 Ways To Get Top Dollar

Location will always be the single largest factor concerning the price of real estate. Unfortunately, you cannot change where your home is located. However, there are four simple ways to improve the appearance of your property that can greatly increase the value of a house for sale. Each of these can be tackled by yourself and save you money or can easily be contracted out for a professional touch.

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If there are any major repairs that are outstanding, those need to be taken care of before selling. No one is going to buy a home with a faulty water heater or leaking roof estate agents burnley. Do not overlook the smaller fixes that a screwdriver can fix though. Little hardware updates to remove squeaky hinges and leaky faucets go a long way to increasing the overall value. Be sure to mention these updates when a potential buyer is interested too. They will be glad to know those things have already been taken care of before they buy.


It does not matter if you paint the inside or the outside, or both. A gallon of paint goes a long way to updating and brightening your home. A house for sale that is freshly painted always looks more attractive to buyers than an old, drab house with cracked and peeling paint. Plus a good paint job will make your property look ten years younger, easily. A new coat may be the cheapest update you can make that has the largest impact on your selling price.


Besides fresh paint on the exterior, your yard makes a huge first impression. If the outside is not nice enough to make people want to see the inside, you may never sell it. Take some hedge trimmers to those overgrown bushes, pull out every weed in sight, mow the grass and edge the driveway. You will honestly be amazed at how much nicer and larger your home looks as a result. Curb appeal is a real thing so make sure your place has it in spades.

Clean Up

Want another way to make your home seem bigger? Declutter all your junk. You were probably going to vacuum and dust before your showed your house anyway, but go the extra mile and actually stage your rooms. By removing everything except the major furniture and maybe a few accent pieces, every room will look much larger.

Here is a bonus trick for you too. Make it smell like a gourmet lives there by baking cookies before people for a viewing. If you do not feel like going that far, you can put a few drops of vanilla on a warm stove eye. Believe me, it smells amazing.

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